22nd Annual Conference of Indian Association For Palliative Care

This year's annual conference, the 22nd, of the Indian Association for Palliative Care was hosted in Hyderabad by Dr Gayatri Palat, Director of a new hospice which recently opened in Hyderabad as a collaborative project between the Pain Relief and Palliative Care Society of Hyderabad, (PPCH) which provided the funding, and the MNJ Oncology Center (MNJOC) which is the major oncology center for the state. Dr Palat is also INCTR's Director of the Indian arm of the Palliative Care Program, presently located in Hyderabad and works closely with the MNJ Institute of Oncology. Recognition of the Hyderabad program as capable of planning and hosting the Annual Meeting of India's most important organization for palliative care indicates the high regard that exists for Dr Palat and her team. She provides a broad array of palliative care services while continuing to campaign for greater access to opioids and expanding the program to other regions. Most of the INCTR or INCTR-associated experts who have given their time to help develop the Hyderabad program, are located in Vancouver, and work together via INCTR Canada/Two Worlds Cancer Collaboration.

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