Joint INCTR Palliative Care Workshop in Nepal

We are pleased to report that the recent two-day palliative care workshop held in Kathmandu, Nepal, was a great success, with over 100 people participating. It was organized jointly by the INCTR Palliative Access (PAX) Program, INCTR-Canada Branch “Two Worlds Cancer Collaboration”, Nepal Network for Cancer Treatment and Research (NNCTR) and Nepal Association of Palliative Care (NAPCare).

Highlights of the meeting included 1) a commitment to produce a palliative care strategy document that NAPCare will present to the government; Dr. Mishara, the Nepal Health Secretary, said he will make every effort to incorporate this strategy into the next Health Care Plan. 2) The Nepali and international palliative care organizations decided to work together on harmonizing the teaching programs currently being used to reduce duplication and increase impact. The meeting was also an opportunity to recognize the successful facility-based programs already in existence, as well as the urban community-based program organized by Hospice Nepal. In addition, Dr. Rajesh Gongol and Professor Kedar Baral described a rural palliative care project that is currently being developed through the Patan Academy of Health Sciences (PAHS) in the Makwanpur District. Attendees enthusiastically agreed to continue working together to further improve existing services and develop more urban and rural community-based programs.


1st: Dr. Fraser Black and delegates from Bharatpur
2nd: Dr Pradeep Vaidya , Doug Ennals and delegates
3rd: Dr. Robin Love and delegates from Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital Palliative Care program
4th: Dr. Sudip Shrestha and delegates

This work has been supported by a UICC International Cancer Technology Transfer Fellowship and with Federal funds from the National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health under Contract N02-C0-41101

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