A Visit To Lacor

Roberto Ferrara, who is undergoing specialist training in oncology in Verona,


Italy spent 3 months at St Mary'sHospital, Lacor assisting in the ongoing INCTR Burkitt lymphoma project. While at St Mary's he helped with patient treatment, data management and also assisted in making a film which will be used to educate primary care providers and the public to recognize possible cases of Burkitt lymphoma and act immediately to ensure that treatment is begun as soon as possible. Burkitt lymphoma is one of the most rapidly growing of all tumors and it is known that the greater the tumor burden in a patient's body, the lower the likelihood of cure. Since it accounts for 50% of all childhood cancer in equatorial Africa, it is important to ensure that the public as well as primary care providers are familiar with the sites of tumor at the time of presentation. These are quite unusual (e.g., jaw and/or orbital tumors are present in some 50-60% of cases in children) and should make earlier detection possible and since radiation and extensive surgery are not a part of therapy, and curative therapy requires cheap and readily available chemotherapy agents, it ought to be possible to ensure that every child with this disease has access to therapy.

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