AMCC’s New Board of Directors

L'Alliance Mondiale Contre le Cancer (AMCC), INCTR's French Branch, held elections for the officers of its Board of Directors on April 7th, 2010 in Montpellier. Prof. Pierre Bey, a radiation oncologist, who was the former Director of the Medical Section of the Institut Curie in Paris, was elected President. Prof. Bey has succeeded AMCC’s first President, Prof. Guy de Thé. Prof de Thé will now serve as the Honorary President of AMCC.

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AMCC General Assembly, Montpellier April 7th 2010

Prof. Martine Raphaël, presently Head of the Hematology-Immunology Department at the Bicêtre Hospital in Paris, was elected Vice President. The board appointed Prof. Raphaël as the Medical Director for AMCC. Prof. Jacques Rouëssé, the former Director of the René Huguenin Cancer Center in Saint Cloud, was elected Treasurer. Elisabeth Dupont, the Administrator Officer for INCTR in Brussels, was elected as the Secretary General for the organization.

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