Cancer Control Meeting at Edinburgh University

The Department of Oncology of the University of Edinburgh held a one-day workshop about cancer control in developing countries on June 21st. The aim of the workshop, which was organized by Prof. David Weller, Head of the Department of Oncology at Edinburgh was to bring together people with an interest in any aspect of cancer control from primary prevention, early diagnosis, screening, palliative care and survivorship, to identify key areas for greater research and investment.

INCTR was well represented at this meeting by Dr. Max Parkin (Director of INCTR’s Cancer Registry Programme), Mr. Mark Lodge (Director of INCTR, UK) and Dr. Emma Seaford (INCTR, Brussels). Dr. Parkin gave a plenary lecture on the extent of cancer registration in developing countries. Mr. Lodge introduced INCTR as a decentralized network of institutions, NGOs and individuals that support front-line capacity-building programmes in low and middle income countries (LMIC). Dr. Seaford presented INCTR’s work in African Burkitt lymphoma (BL) with a special emphasis on the on-going treatment protocol being done in collaboration with St. Mary’s Hospital Lacor in Gulu, Uganda. Mr. Lodge closed the 3rd part of the INCTR session with a brief overview of the palliative care work presently on-going in India and Nepal. There were many other presentations which resulted in exchanges of ideas about how to improve things on the ground in LMIC in order to benefit patients with cancer in these countries. The group decided that it would approach Lady Scotland to ensure that cancer in developing countries is on the Agenda of the next Commonwealth meeting.

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