Cancer in Africa: Building Transnational Research Collaborations

Professor Martine Raphaël, Medical Director of AMCC (INCTR’s French Branch), attended the conference, “Cancer in Africa: Building Transnational Research Collaborations” which was held in London on September 15th and 16th, 2012. The conference was organized by the Africa Oxford Cancer Foundation (AfrOx), the African Organization for Research & Training in Cancer (AORTIC), the National Cancer Institute, USA, the National Cancer Institute (INCa), France and INCa, Brazil. It brought together key players working on collaborative research programs to help reduce suffering and death from cancer in Africa.

Professor Raphaël gave a presentation entitled, “Best Practices in Research Collaborations” that illustrated how INCTR’s iPath Program is currently connecting 12 pathology laboratories in Africa with experts in hematopathology from universities and professional societies worldwide. The iPath Program assists pathology colleagues in Africa to make accurate diagnoses and provides them with training in order to build local capacity in hematopathology. The program is relevant to the development of sustainable capacity in both cancer diagnosis and research through these four processes:

  1. Development of infrastructure for pathology that meets the needs, is feasible and beneficial, and is sustainable within the context of pathology labs in Africa.
  1. Design and building of research projects constructed as collaborative studies between lower resource and high resource countries.
  1. Organization of workshops, tutorials and meetings that provide opportunities to present data from clinical research studies as well as data from fundamental and basic research studies.
  1. Development of best practices in research through “learning by doing” and by participating in collaborative projects.

Presentation by Professor Martine Raphael Best practices in research collaborations

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