Catalyzing and Coordinating Institutional Partnerships
  • University of Lund, Sweden and the Cancer Institute (WIA), Chennai, India

The primary activity is the conduct of an advanced training course in radiation therapy (CI has the latest intensity modulated radiation therapy equipment) and is essentially the same as the course used in Sweden. Twelve radiation therapists from Chennai participated in the course, and will undergo examinations to assess their knowledge acquisition from the course.

  • Partners in Compassion - Nanaimo's Mid Island Hospice, Canada with Bhaktapur Cancer Care Hospital, Nepal

As part of this twinning program between Nanaimo's Mid Island Hospice and Bhaktapur Cancer Care Hospital (BCCH), the Nanaimo team, led by Dr Robin Love, consultant to INCTR's PAX program Canada visited BCCH from mid October 2010 to mid November 2010. The major purpose of the visit was to conduct a two week course in palliative care. For more details about a report of this site visit, see PAX - Nepal.

  • Victoria Hospice, Canada and B.PKoirala Memorial Cancer Hospital (BPKMCH)

In 2007, the twinning program between Victoria Hospice and BPKMCH was established. In early April 2010, Dr Fraser Black and Mr Doug Ennals visited BPKMCH where they gave presentations, participated in ward rounds and discussed the expansion of the palliative care team, its facilities and the twinning program.

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