Corporate Membership

The INCTR invites all corporations committed to supporting cancer control and palliative care initiatives in developing countries to become affiliated with INCTR by becoming Corporate Members.

Corporate Membership provides corporations with opportunities to be associated with research and educational programs related to cancer control and palliative care in developing countries. Corporate members may participate in INCTR international meetings. Contributions to INCTR meetings that are made by corporate members will be acknowledged in relevant INCTR publications.

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Membership benefits include:
- Being part of an international network dedicated to cancer control in developing countries
- Accessing a network of international contacts with a common interest in cancer control
- Developing partnerships and collaborations within INCTR’s network
- Having an opportunity to be associated with research studies and/or educational programs devoted to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer in countries with limited resources for cancer research
- Receiving INCTR’s monthly Newsflash
- Receiving NETWORK, INCTR’s quarterly Magazine
- Receiving INCTR handbooks
- Eligibility to be part of the INCTR Corporate Advisory Committee
- Exhibiting and sponsoring opportunities at INCTR meetings
- Acknowledgment of participation in or support of INCTR programs on INCTR’s website, in conference program books and relevant INCTR publications
- Receiving an annual membership card

How to become an INCTR Associate member
Download the INCTR Membership form, fill it it and sent it back to INCTR. For more information please contact Elisabeth Dupont at eb.rtcni|tnopude#eb.rtcni|tnopude.

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