Creating Open Educational Resources for Cancer (OERC)

INCTR is the lead organization for a consortium of organizations and cancer professionals in the development of a cancer-specific (with emphasis on low and middle income countries) freely accessible, web-based resource for information and educational tools. The demonstration site powered by MERLOT continues its growth ( Material can be made available to this site from anywhere in the Web, or by uploading documents, presentations etc. to the INCTR repository on the INCTR Portal (all that is required is that the materials can be reached by a URL - the site does not duplicate material, but simply provides an advanced search engine that can identify high quality materials on the web in a structured manner).

This project supplements more active programs in training and education. One of its major purposes is to provide readily available teaching materials that can be used anywhere in the world by teachers who find the material (much of which is in the form of PowerPoint documents) useful.

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