Dr Jay Halbert Returns to Tanzania

Dr Jay Halbert first worked as a volunteer doctor for INCTR in pediatric oncology at the Ocean Road Cancer Institute (ORCI) in Tanzania in 2009. In November 2011, Jay was delighted to be invited by INCTR and Children in Crossfire to return to work in the pediatric oncology ward which has now relocated to the Muhimbili National Hospital.

INCTR was fortunate to have Jay spend 6 weeks working as a volunteer doctor over Christmas and New Year. Dr Halbert stated, “It was remarkable to witness and experience the changes that have taken place since 2009. Huge advances have been made in terms of patient's support and care. There is now a dedicated team of doctors, nurses, school teachers and allied healthcare professionals looking after the children 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Being located in the national hospital enables easy access to a wide host of diagnostic services and hospital specialists. It was once again a privilege to spend time working for INCTR in the pediatric oncology ward in Tanzania”.

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