Dr Jay Halbert Visits Yangon Children’s Hospital in Myanmar

During March 2011 Dr Jay Halbert was fortunate enough, with the support of INCTR, the Myanmar Ministry of Health, the Myanmar Medical Association and the UK Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health, to visit the Pediatric Oncology Department at Yangon Children’s Hospital. Dr Halbert was able to participate in a joint pediatric oncology clinic and ward round at Yangon Children's Hospital where he learned about the excellent work of all the staff caring for children with cancer in Myanmar.

Children from all over Myanmar with pediatric solid and hematological malignancies are treated at Yangon Children’s Hospital. They are cared for by a dedicated team of healthcare professionals including doctors, nurses and a play therapist. A number of investigations and treatments including chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery and supportive care are available at the hospital. A limited cytogentics and immunophenotyping service is being developed. Children with cancer are also treated at Mandalay Children’s Hospital on the general pediatric ward. Although there is currently no dedicated pediatric oncology and hematology training scheme in Myanmar for doctors or nurses, the staff are extremely supportive of each other and dedicated to their patients and to continued professional development. Dr Halbert describes their work as “truly inspirational”.

He hopes that he will be able to work more closely – by sharing ideas and experiences - with healthcare professionals working with children with cancer in Myanmar through the links he was able to make during his visit and with the support of INCTR.

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