Education Directed Towards Healthy Living

This picture was taken at the Clarks Amer Hotel during the address given by Dr Shivraj Singh, President INCTR India, Dr Hemant Malhotra and Dr Rakesh Gupta on the occasion of the launching of INCTR India's Program in cancer control. The launch meeting attracted 200 health care professionals and was held on July 6th at the Institute of Medical Technology and Nursing Education in Jaipur. The 200 participants along with their younger colleagues represent the future of the health care sector in Rajasthan.

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The initial focus will be on educating women in schools and colleges including nursing colleges, about cancer and its relationship to eating habits, exercise, being overweight and tobacco. The hope is that these young women will educate their children, friends and relatives, and thus provide an ever expanding work force able to teach women at the grass roots level. The success or failure of this program will be measured by surveys taken at various intervals after the training to determine how much information is retained, and instances when the new knowledge about cancer has led to an early diagnosis (i.e., presentation at a time when the tumor has only recently become symptomatic, and the total burden of cancer is small.

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