Education in Radiotherapy Using a Web-based Program Developed by Lund University Hospital, Sweden.

A modified version of a mandatory web-based training course in basic radiophysics and radiotherapy for medical residents in oncology, used in Sweden, has been introduced at the Cancer Institute in Chennai, India.

Cannot fetch Flickr photo (id: 5404280222). The photo either does not exist, or is private Dr. Elisabeth Kjellén and Dr. Eva Brun in Chennai Nov 2010 introducing the course.

The program can be used on-line or it can be downloaded for off-line studies. The program consists of a series of lectures, short tests, and applicable links. The course can be continuously adapted and changed to suit different settings. The program was initiated in November 2010 in Chennai for 10 postgraduate doctors and will run over a 6 month period.

Cannot fetch Flickr photo (id: 5403679395). The photo either does not exist, or is private Dr. Elisabeth Kjellén with a young patient at the childrens´ wing at the Cancer Institute

Once web-based training is completed, a visit to Chennai will take place. During this visit, instructors from the departments of Oncology and Radiophysics of Lund University will provide lectures to the trainees who have completed the course.

Dr. Eva Brun

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