Essay Competition

In association with INCTR, Global Health Dynamics (the publishers of the annual publication Cancer Control) has announced a new essay competition open to all INCTR Members working in a low or middle income country. The two best entries will be awarded free INCTR membership for one year and guaranteed publication in Cancer Control 2015. Non-members may become members in order to enter the competition. In either event, the winners will receive 2 years membership for the price of one. The essay must address one of the two topics below:

The daily challenges facing myself and my colleagues in providing effective care to cancer patients.


What needs to be changed in my country in order to achieve adequate provision of cancer care.

The title of the essay may be changed, but the topic must be one of the two listed above.

Winners will be allowed to transfer their membership prize to a third party if they prefer to do so.

The deadline of the competition will be 1 January 2015 and each essay should be no longer than 1,500 words. Entries will be judged by the Cancer Control Editorial Advisory Board and their decision will be final.

Entries should be emailed to ku.oc.scimanydhtlaehlabolg|lortnocrecnac#ku.oc.scimanydhtlaehlabolg|lortnocrecnac as a WORD or PDF file, with full name and contact details of the author added immediately below the title. Questions about the competition may be directed to Mr T. Probart of Global Health Dynamics at the same e mail address.

Full details of the competition can be found on the INCTR News wiki and at

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