Financial Overview of the INCTR Network in 2010


  • Unrestricted funds ($1,212,000)
  • Clinical research ($526,154)
  • Education and training ($228,797)
  • Prevention ($1,344,200)


  • Management and administration ($328,939)
  • Clinical Research projects ($722,891)
  • Training and education projects ($696,038)
  • Prevention ($1,344,200)
  • Communication & public awareness ($171,937)


  • Most of the income and expenditure listed as prevention relates to a donation of HPV vaccine to INCTR's Nepalese Branch.
  • The in-kind contribution of key INCTR experts is considerably under-estimated. INCTR will initiate a process to collect information to be able to provide a more accurate estimation of the value of these services received throughout the network.
  • Substantial in-kind contributions are made by institutions participating in INCTR projects that are difficult to quantify, e.g., PI salaries, hospital staff salaries, hospital services, drugs (except African BL study), etc. These are not included in the overall estimate of the INCTR network.
  • INCTR wishes to thank all INCTR experts and collaborators who provide their time and expertise free of charge. This allows INCTR to run and manage projects with a high level of scientific expertise despite tight financial resources.
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