Follow Up Visit to Black Lion Hospital, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

During the first week of May, Ann Syme and Julia Challinor - nurses working with INCTR’s PAX and Oncology Nursing programs - made a follow-up visit to the Tikur Anbessa Hospital to assess progress made related to the Pediatric Oncology Program in Ethiopia that is being led by INCTR USA in collaboration with colleagues in Ethiopia. The focus of their visit was to identify priorities for intervention in the areas of infection prevention, nutrition, psychosocial support, and palliative care, chemotherapy, including medical supplies, and nursing education at the hospital. Dr. Damte, Head of Pediatrics, Dr. Amha, Head of Adult Hematology and Dr. Alemnesh, the local project coordinator facilitated their discussions with relevant hospital personnel. Site visits were made to appropriate departments and each day was concluded with a “round up” discussion with the local team to review and discuss what was learned and to make action plans.

One exciting proposal that emerged from the discussions was the creation of a “home away from home” facility, within walking distance of the hospital, for children and adolescents who need out-patient treatment, but who live too far away from the hospital to return home. It is hoped that by establishing a small housing facility for these patients and their parents that treatment abandonment can be decreased. Additionally, this facility will welcome parents whose children are hospitalized in order to provide respite and psychosocial support.

Ann and Julia were also able to visit nurse leaders at the Addis Ababa University Nursing School in order to discuss strategies for the development of a formally recognized program for the certification of oncology nurses in Ethiopia. They also met with members of Hospice Ethiopia to discuss palliative care.

The next visit of the INCTR Ethiopian Project team to Addis Ababa is planned for July, 2011.

INCTR wishes to thank the following members of the Ethiopian team and consultants, who provided so much insight into the challenges facing Black Lion Hospital personnel in the care of children with cancer.

Black Lion Hospital Team Members
Dr. Damte Shimelis, Head of Pediatrics
Dr. Amha Getiremedhan, Head of Adult Hematology
Dr. Abdulkadir M. Said, Pediatrician
Dr. Bahiru Begabih, Managing Director for the Medical Director

Clinical Nurses
Wondimu Gudata, Deputy Matron
Ato Abebe Worku, Head Nurse Adult Hematology
Mesfin Anley, Head Nurse Adult Oncology
Yonatan Daniel, Staff Nurse, Adult Oncology
Asabech Desalegn, Head Nurse, Ward 7C
Azeb Seitu, Staff Nurse, Ward 7C
Aster Degefu, Head Nurse, Ward 7B
Elfinesh Beyene, Staff Nurse, Ward 7B

Addis Ababa University Nursing School
Ato Daniel Mengistu, Head of Undergraduate Nursing
Mrs. Rajil, Instructor, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Program

Ato Bekele Semu, Head of Pharmacy

Hospice Ethiopia
Tsegereda Yisyawessen, Director
Nahom Wolde, Project Manager
Efraim Abathun, Palliative Care Officer

Quality Management Team
Halima Mohammed, Nurse Professional
Alemayhu Dendena, Nurse Professional
Sofia Gashaw, Pharmacist
Seriat Kibret, Environmental Health
Asegid Kassa

Food Storage and Preparation
G Aselefech
Konjof Bekele

Consulting Team Members
Mr. Wondu Bekele, Mathiows Wondu Ye-Ethiopia Cancer Society
Dr. Jamal Haidar, Nutritional Consultant

Project Coordinator
Dr. Alemnesh Wolde

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