Fondation Sanofi Espoir in Mali

AMCC, INCTR’s French branch, in partnership with the Institut Ophthalmologique Tropical Africain and the Groupe Franco Africain d’Oncologie Pédiatrique (GFAOP) Unit of the Gabriel Touré University Hospital in Bamako, Mali, were the recipients of a 3 year grant from the Sanofi Espoir Foundation. The grant will be used to support a project in retinoblastoma n Mali. The project is intended to reduce health care inequalities for children in Mali, a French-speaking country in West Africa, who are affected by retinoblastoma. Its objectives are to build and reinforce local capacity by training health care professionals in the early detection and management of retinoblastoma and to improve access to care, including specialized treatment for children with this disease. The overall goal of this initiative is to improve the cure rate with preservation of useful vision in children with retinoblastoma.

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