“I to Eye” Family Fun Day
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On 6th June 2010, the INCTR Challenge Fund helped an optometrist, Ms Krupa Chandarana turn an ordinary Sunday into an interactive family fun day for children and their families at Disraeli School High Wycombe in the UK.

“I to Eye” was a community event organized by Ms Chandarana, a young optometrist based in Oxford UK, and INCTR’s UK charity to help educate local children and parents about the early detection of eye problems, the importance of eye health and to raise awareness about children in East Africa suffering from retinoblastoma.

The day was a huge success; education and entertainment were provided for all the family. From bouncy castles and raffles to demonstrations of visual impairment and eye testing, a great day was had by all. Over £1000 was raised to support an INCTR project to develop and implement professional and public awareness campaigns about retinoblastoma with its partners in East Africa.

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