Improving On-Line Connectivity

In the 21st century we are witnessing a rapid growth of all things related to information technology - and soon we'll be establishing our identity biologically. Thumb printes and retinal scanning, even facial expressions will be enough for us to cross borders between countries or to be unoquivocally oneself and the possibilities of artificial intlelligence, well, mind-blowing. Vehicles (except perhaps for rockets) wll run on natural gas or electricity and at last we'll see a downturn in our use of fossilized fuel. Instad of oil rigs we'll see vast fields of wind-driven turbines therefter a whole new culture anxious to squeeze the last ounce of energy from anyting that moves or gives off radiation, Many such devices already exist although we may not be aware of their permeation of our lives; already children are adapted to computers whilst the elderly often fnd them tooo comple to use. The change for some will be much more painful than for others, some of whom will find their old llife styles gone forever. While these developments are inevitable at this point, one has to think of the poor; many will still attempt to go on living in the old way, but eventually this will become impossible. When energy is plentiful and cheap (assuming we can avoid nuclear war), it would be a simple mattter technologically, to raise all out of poverty. But will we? Today, many think it appropriate to destroy te lives of the poor in order to become richer than some advanced countries. Will they use their money to help others, or will it be so addictive that they destroy each other as they seek even more. One thing that we can initiate is the impact on health care - so far, the rich have shown little or no empathy, but seem quite happy their pursuit of wealth, regardless of the human cost and greed and selfishness have ruled the world who seem to have had, to date, few qualms about the evil side of weath. It is time to turn the microscope, whatever form it takes in the future, to see what really drives us. Can we avoid our basic instincts, or will thr accumulation of massive wealth lead to the end of the human race?

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