We certainly need some new strategies, for at a global level, cancer, which accounts for more deaths than ischaemic heart disease, is increasing rapidly -from the 8.1 million incident cases estimated in 2008 to a predicted 22 million in 2030. Even the wealthy economies face a continually worsening situation, since although the overall number of deaths from cancer has, begun a slow downward path, many patients with cancer may live for many years before they die (many patients with prostate cancer die from other diseases while treatment for chronic leukemias has improved greatly prolonging lifespan. Thus, more people will be required to spend more time caring for cancer patients. Unfortuately, the numbers of nurses and doctors required in more developed countries is constantly rising, such that more and more trained health professionals are migrating from their country of origin either before or after training as a health care provider, worsening the plight of patients with chronic diseases, or diseases that may progress over a number of years. One of INCTR's strategies, therefore, is to markedly increase the number of members, both health professionals and a variety persons from other disciplines, and tp develop functional networks linked to cancer centers in order to increase to the extent possible the number of health care workers in low resource countries. This, coupled to research training and increased living standards arising from health research will alleviate the problem of migration while increasing the educational standards in the low income countries. INCTR members across the world could play an important role in helping to mitigate the serious lack of resources in low and middle income countries, while at the same time educating more, with the future in mind.

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