INCTR, GHD and MERLOT Sign Agreement

This week, INCTR, Global Health Dynamics (GHD) and MERLOT (Multimedia Education Resources for Learning and Online Teaching) signed an agreement to work closely together to increase the volume of high quality educational materials in the field of cancer that will be made avaible via the Open Education Resources for Cancer portal ( Information about OERC was provided in a previous NewsFlash ( All of the articles published in INCTR's annual journal, Cancer Control will be made available through MERLOT shortly after publication, so that other services offered by MERLOT, including personalisation of your own collection of articles can be taken advantage of simultaneously (see above website). MERLOT, in addition to providing free access to content relating to cancer control, offers numerous opportunities to communicate with other cancer health professionals or persons interested in cancer. Here you can find free, open, and online educational and training resources. OERC-MERLOT will be “recommending the best” and “linking to the rest” of materials that could meet your interdisciplinary needs. You may contribute to the global digital library of cancer resources so everyone worldwide can have the best and latest information. You may also develop and lead the social networks needed to bring individuals out of isolation and into a supportive community and participate in online community conversations with cancer researchers, physicians, healthcare professionals, and others working in cancer education to freely share experiences and expertise.

Persons living in India can access the INCTR/MERLOT collection via

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