INCTR Brazil

The Brazilian Branch of INCTR is working to help coordinate programs in Latin America, particularly in pediatric oncology and palliative care. The branch has a major role in training and education in clinical trials management and also in fostering the development of health care professionals involved in the psychological/multidisciplinary support of cancer patients.

Reorganization of the Board of Directors

INCTR Brazil's Board of Directors was reorganized in 2010 to include representatives of INCA (The Brazilian National Cancer Institute), the Santa Marcelina Hospital Oncology Department, ANVISA - The National Health Surveillance Agency, the pharmaceutical industry and other strategic health and governmental organizations.

On-going Projects

INCTR Brasil is coordinating or participating in a number of projects including:

  • Development of a Centre of Excellence in Pediatric Oncology at the Santa Marcelina Hospital
  • Access to Accurate Cancer Diagnosis
  • Improving Care for Palestinian Children with Cancer (in collaboration with the Israeli Society of Pediatric Oncology and the Middle East Cancer Consortium)
  • Development of a Global Psychosocial Survey
  • Clinical Trials Management Accreditation Program for Centers (16 centers have been accredited to date)
  • Retinoblastoma Early Diagnosis Campaign, including a proposal to the Brazilian Senate to create a "Retinoblastoma Day"
  • Translation of a film showing leukocoria, the most frequently noted early sign of retinoblastoma, into 10 languages, the latest being German.
  • Pall iative Care:
    • Establishment of a palliative care program, with a focal point for training and institutional care at Santa Marcelina, and training of primary care physicians in this region of 4-5 million poor people.
    • Translation of the INCTR Palliative Care Handbook into Portuguese which was launched during the XII Brazilian Congress of Pediatric Oncology - SOBOPE
  • Development of a pediatric oncology fellowship program for Portuguese-speaking countries in Africa. A fellow from Angola is presently undergoing a 3 year training program at Santa Marcel ina Hospital
  • Fund raising activities that have generated support for the branch's office and support for projects, such as the translation of the INCTR Palliative Care Handbook into Portuguese.
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