INCTR Canada

INCTR Canada was established as a non-profit society in Canada in January 2010. It is seeking status as a registered charity in 2011. It supports the central mission of INCTR through engaging oncologists and cancer control professionals in Canada to support activities in three priority areas: palliative, supportive and end-of-life care (adult and pediatric); pediatric cancer and population-based cancer control. It participates and supports INCTR's palliative care program (INCTR-PAX); is establishing the direction of its activities in pediatric cancer (during 2011) and is actively engaged in cancer control activities with INCA (the Brazilian National Cancer Institute).

In the first year of operation, it has supported:

  • November/December 2010: INCTR-PAX on-site training in palliative care in Hyderabad, India. This has included a photo-journalism initiative in India and Nepal to illustrate INCTR's activities.
  • November 2010: INCTR-PAX/Canada - Palliative Care Strategic Planning meeting in Rio de Janeiro to develop a networked palliative care program in Brazil.

INCTR Canada has decided to utilize various fund-raising strategies, including focusing on public relations and communications (e.g., photo-journalism, web-site development), focusing on branding and becoming more known to the Canadian public, and ensuring that strategic, business and executive statements and relevant materials are developed and distributed.

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