INCTR-Canada/Two Worlds Cancer Collaboration-June 2012

The INCTR-PAX program (Dr. Gillian Fyles; Ms. Zahra Lalani) participated in an educational program in Hyderabad (MNJ Hospital) in December 2011 focused on palliative care, chemotherapy preparation and quality and safety in drug preparation. The community outreach program has received Canadian donor support through mid-2013. Building and capital funding plans are under development for the establishment of a palliative care hospice on donated property.

INCTR-PAX and Two Worlds/INCTR-Canada held a two-day conference on palliative care in Kathmandu, Nepal in April 2012, organized by Dr.'s Robin Love, the INCTR-Pax team and Dr. Max Watson (Ireland). The meeting fostered a national palliative care planning process involving the Ministry of Health, NGO's and health professionals and was sponsored by INCTR, UICC, NNCTR and INCTR-Canada/Two Worlds. Residual funds post meeting were provided to NNCTR to support on-going project work. Dr. Robin Love and colleagues provided more in-depth training with the Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital team ( Nanaimo Hospice twinning partner) and Dr's Love ,Black and several team members also visited the Bharatpur Cancer Hospital (Victoria Hospice twinning partner).

INCTR-Canada/Two Worlds is developing an active fund-raising capability to support developments in India and Nepal. Awareness, recognition, advocacy and fund-raising events are being planned around a scheduled visit by Dr. Palat to Vancouver later in 2012/ 2013.

Picture: Dr Pradeep Vaidya , Doug Ennals and delegates

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