INCTR in the Press in 2010

Refresher course in palliative care
Care Beyond Cure, December 2010

The World Cancer Declaration: is the world catchinq up?
Cary Adams, Nathan Grey, Ian Magrath, Andy Miller, Julie Torode, The Lancet Oncology, Early Online Publication, 22 September 2010

Ethical Principles Necessary for the Well Beinq of All
Live Chennai

Ancient Eastern Philosophy Has Great Contemporary Value
Tamil Nadu The Hindu September 12 2010
Palliative Care Goes Beyond Medication The Week, 10/09/2010

Improvinq Cancer Care in Resource-Poor Countries
Roxanne Nelson, Medscape Medical News 27/08/2010

Yes we can treat cancer, even in the poorest countries Cancer World, Number 37, July-August 2010

Dr Black's visit to boost efforts of Cipla Centre to teach and reach palliative care
Care Beyond Cure, June 2010

Le cancer n'a pas de frontieres
Les Speciclis+es, Number 34, 18 mai 2010

Kanker kent qeen qrenzen
De Specialisten, no 34, 18 mei 2010

PODIUM - Encouraqinq partnership across the income divide - with Dr Ian Maqrath
European Journal of Cancer, Issue 4, 2010

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