INCTR India's President Lectures at Bayani Girls College

Dr Shivraj Singh, INCTR India's President gave a lecture at the Bayani Girls College at Vidhyadhar Nagar, Jaipuron 15th July 2016. After an introduction by Dr Hemant Jha, Dr Shivraj Singh gave a lecture on Cancer Awareness, early detection and prevention. The lecture was well attended (400) and provided an excellent opportunity for INCTR to become more widely known in Rajasthan and to educate a significant number of young women - a critically important group given the increasing importance of cancer of the cervix in India, and the increasing need for women to be familiar with its signs and symptoms, and also the fact that it can be prevented.

The lecture was well received and the Advisory Board will consider whether other large schools for girls should be approached and given materials that they can use to inform their families and friends about the approaches to early detection and treatment of pre-neoplastic lesions. It would be of considerable interest to know more about the age at which girls in different social classes become sexually active in India, since this could be of great value in designing an HPV Vaccination program. The existence of all-girls schools should make the collection of such information simpler, provide a means of obtaining information about cancer and its prevention, even if in a higher income level. The board may wish to explore various approaches of this kind to identify the most effective methods for imparting this important information.

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