INCTR Meeting 2011

INCTR Meeting 2011: Developing Strategies for Cancer Control in Low Resource Settings

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INCTR’s 9th Meeting on Cancer in Countries with Limited Resources took place on April 4th through the 6th, 2011 in Brussels. The major themes of the meeting were pediatric cancer, palliative care and education and training of health professionals. The emphasis was given to reports and discussions, particularly of strategies within INCTR programs, rather than didactic presentations. Therefore, it was not a standard educational or research meeting, but one in which INCTR examined, with its partners and advisors, how effective INCTR programs are, and how to make them more effective. INCTR has been fortunate to be joined by a number of highly distinguished professionals in various disciplines related to cancer control, and with their help, there is every reason to believe that the organization will go from strength to strength in achieving its goal of building capacity for cancer control in the coming years, particularly in the fields of treatment (which, of course, includes early detection) and research.

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As in past meetings, INCTR has given two awards to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to cancer treatment and research in one or more developing countries. The Nazli Gad-el-Mawla Award for outstanding contributions to cancer control by an individual from a country with limited resources was, this year, awarded to Dr. Kunnamath Ramadas, Medical Superintendent and Chief of the Head and Neck Specialty Clinic at the Regional Cancer Center, Trivandrum in India. The Paul P. Carbone Award in International Oncology for outstanding contributions to oncology or cancer research in one or more developing countries by an individual from a resource-rich country was awarded to Dr. Raul Ribeiro, Director of the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, International Outreach Program.

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