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The International Network for Cancer Treatment and Research (INCTR) is dedicated to lessening the suffering and limiting the number of lives lost from cancer in developing countries. Often overlooked as a major health problem in such countries, the burden of cancer is, in fact, rapidly increasing and there are presently more deaths from cancer than from AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria combined. INCTR helps to build capacity for cancer prevention, treatment (including palliative care) and research and to improve access to needed care.

INCTR’s success depends greatly on the support of a broad range individuals, institutions and corporations worldwide. And on you!


Join the INCTR Membership program and participate in ongoing projects, serve on INCTR committees or simply provide financial and moral support. You choose how you would like to be involved.

Main Membership benefits:

  • Being part of an international network dedicated to cancer control in developing countries: developing partnerships and collaborations, attending INCTR meetings, etc…
  • Being eligible to participate in the INCTR Faculty Program and the INCTR Volunteer Program
  • Receiving NETWORK, INCTR’s Magazine, INCTR handbooks and an annual membership card

There are three different categories of INCTR membership:

  • Individual Membership is open to all individuals who are interested in and committed to supporting cancer control in developing countries.
  • Institutional Membership is open to academic institutions, hospital, cancer centers, NGOs, foundations, cancer organizations and professional societies from all over the world.
  • Corporate Membership is open to all corporations willing to support cancer control initiatives that will make a difference to communities in developing countries around the world.

How to become an INCTR Associate member
Download the INCTR Membership form, fill it it and sent it back to INCTR. For more information please contact Elisabeth Dupont at eb.rtcni|tnopude#eb.rtcni|tnopude.

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