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INCTR NETWORK Magazine Volume 9, Number 1

INCTR NETWORK Magazine Volume 9, Number 1 is now available on the INCTR website.

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The President’s Message: The Cell. Part 3. "Simple" Cells. Photo: C. Eeckhout.

Table of contents:

- President’s Message: The Cell - Part 3. Simple Cells – Ian Magrath
- Articles: 1. Challenges to The Provision of Pathology's High Quality Services in Cameroon – Blaise Nkegoum 2. Development of Palliative Care Services in Pakistan – Aziza Shad
3. Publish or Perish – Elisabeth Heseltine and Ama Rohatiner
- Pediatric Kaposi Sarcoma in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Review
- Forum: Indian Cancer Society - The Pioneer of Cancer Awareness and Welfare in India – Arun Kurkure
- News
- Partner Profile: The National Cancer Institute in Brazil – Luis Santini
- Profile in Cancer Medicine: Radiation Oncology is not Enough!

INCTR members who wish to receive the publication by mail will continue to do so. Current and past editions of NETWORK are available to the public via the main INCTR web site, (presently located by selecting “Newsletter” from the main menu on the home page).

Readers may contact Bénédicte Chaidron (eb.rtcni|eneb#eb.rtcni|eneb), NETWORK’s Assistant Editor, with any comments or questions regarding this publication.

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