INCTR Paper Briefs 54 Commonwealth Health Ministers on Cancer

INCTR President, Dr. Ian Magrath and INCTR UK Director, Mr. Mark Lodge, have contributed a briefing paper for the Commonwealth Health Ministers’ Update 2011 on ‘Cancer in the Commonwealth’. The Update is published to provide information to the 54 health ministers and the delegations who attend the Commonwealth Health Ministers Meeting in Geneva. This year the meeting took place on May 15th 2011 and took as its theme: 'Non-Communicable Diseases - A Priority for the Commonwealth'.

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The 2011 Commonwealth Health Ministers’ Meeting is seen as a key stepping stone in mobilizing support for the UN High-level Summit in September on non-communicable diseases. INCTR had been involved in the planning of this year’s Health Ministers Meeting from the start, offering its expertise on cancer. Mark Lodge attended the preliminary meeting and Ian Magrath attended the partner session that preceded the meeting on May 14th.

The paper in the Update addresses the rapidly increasing importance of cancer in the Commonwealth member states, particularly in low- to middle-income countries and discusses both the reasons for this and what can be done to address it.

The Update is published for the Commonwealth Secretariat by Pro-Brook Publishing in the UK.

Copies of the paper can be found on pp.19-22 of the Commonwealth Health Ministers’ Update 2011 which can be downloaded fromThe Commonwealth Secretariat’s website:

Hard copies or a free e-book version of the Update can be downloaded from:

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