INCTR’s 10th Anniversary Meeting

INCTR’s central offices have been located in Brussels since April, 2000. To celebrate 10 years of operations in Belgium, an extended Annual General Assembly was held on the 26th and 27th of March to assess accomplishments in this decade of activities and to develop strategies for continuing and expanding INCTR’s work.

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Domaine Latour de Freins, Brussels, March 27th 2010 (Photo: N. Gauthier)

Brief overviews of each of INCTR’s programs (Clinical Research, Pathology, Palliative Care, Pediatric Oncology, Foundational Programs) were given, with selected illustrative projects and representatives from each Branch or Office (Brazil, Cameroon, Canada, Egypt, France, Nepal, Tanzania, UK and USA) discussed their present and future strategies. A panel discussion on global cancer control was held with participation by WHO, UICC and IAEA, and working groups discussed strategic plans for each program, as well as the formation of new programs in oncology nursing and psychosocial care. There was general agreement on the importance of building INCTR’s faculty and partnerships (with academic organizations and professional societies) which is essential if INCTR is to increase its ability to build human capacity. The meeting was deemed very successful and future meetings of this type are planned. Presentations


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