INCTR UK Report 2010

INCTR UK encourages greater participation in INCTR programs by maintaining contact with UK cancer research centers and promoting INCTR membership at meetings and through business contacts. INCTR UK continues to develop links with the Commonwealth Secretariat at Marlborough House, London. In 2010 the Office provided assistance to Tim Spruell a young medical student at Birmingham University, enabling him to secure a 2,800 pounds sterling fieldwork grant from Birmingham University and the Sir Arthur Thomson Charitable Trust. INCTR UK also provided material support to Laura Stewart preceding her visit to Tanzania, helping her develop sponsorships for her ascent of Mount Kilimanjaro in order to raise funds.

  • Activities and Achievements
    • Advocacy INCTR UK continued its role as an advocate for the inclusion of cancer in the global development agenda. Supported by INCTR Brussels, INCTR UK provided the lead role for INCTR's contribution to the global campaign for a special session of the United Nations General Assembly on non-communicable diseases (NCD). INCTR UK Executive Director Mark Lodge represented INCTR at the 63rd World Health Assembly (Geneva 17-19 May 2010), the UICC World Cancer Conference (Shenzhen, 18-21 August), and the Lancet Chronic Disease Series III launch (London, 10 November 2010). INCTR UK is a member of the UK Chronic Disease Task Force and a Common Interest Group Member of the NCD Alliance.
    • The Evidence Base for Cancer Control INCTR UK has a special responsibility to support one of INCTR's major Foundational Programs - the Evidence Base Project. 2010 saw the conclusion of the Egyptian Pilot study with INCTR Egypt overseeing the uploading of all the identified Egyptian studies published between 2000 and 2008 onto the University of Cairo website. Elsevier has provided two years part funding (50,000 USD) to enable the pilot study to be expanded to include all areas of Egyptian cancer control research. Also in 2010, the results of INCTR's retrospective search of indexed breast cancer control literature were uploaded to the BHGI-INCTR Breast Cancer Control Library. A report of the INCTR literature search project will shortly be published in a supplement to the April 2011 issue of Breast.
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