INCTR USA Elects A New President

Following the resignation of Mr. Raj Shah, former president of INCTR USA, the US Board elected Dr Madhavan Pillai to take up this position. Dr Pillai is an outstanding oncologist and hematologist from Kerala, India, who has spent most of his career in the USA. He has continued, however, to maintain close contacts with colleagues in India and is familiar with the major cancer problems of India and similar countries. INCTR’s Indian Branch, focused primarily on the prevention of cancer, is located in Rajasthan. In addition, INCTR Canada has collaborated closely in a broad-ranging program involving education, training and service provision in palliative care with members of the INCTR Canada branch. Dr Pillai is in the process of developing a board and advisory board which will decide on INCTR USA's areas of greatest emphasis. It is probable that the branch will also set up collaborative programs in Latin America.

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