INCTR Visits Tanzania

Dr Ian Magrath, President of INCTR and Melissa Adde, Director of its Clinical Trials Office visited Tanzania from January 25th through February 3rd. During their visit, they met with Professor Twalib Ngoma, the Executive Director of the Ocean Road Cancer Institute (ORCI) and the Director of INCTR’s Tanzanian Office to review on-going collaborations with ORCI - the Tanzanian Palliative Care Program, the INCTR Burkitt lymphoma (BL) study, and the ORCI Cervical Cancer Screening Program. Reports on the progress made in the national palliative care program for Tanzania which is being supported by IAEA/PACT were provided by Professor Ngoma and Dr Msemo Diwani. Plans for a successor study to the present BL study were discussed. The results of a questionnaire about the impact that national guidelines for the treatment of BL have had on many hospitals caring for children with this cancer were reviewed. Although the results have not been formally tabulated, it appeared that many institutions cannot follow the guidelines due to the unavailability of the required drugs. Plans for expanding the cervical cancer screening program were discussed and the data collection forms for recording the findings at the time of screening visits were reviewed.


Dr Magrath and Ms Adde participated in a two-day meeting organized by Dr Trish Scanlan, INCTR’s Program Coordinator in East Africa to discuss a curriculum for training pediatric oncologists with Muhimbili University School of Medicine faculty and other physicians interested in having pediatricians receive specialized training in pediatric oncology. This meeting was also attended by Dr Fin Breatnach and Dr Udo Bode, two professors in pediatric oncology who have been assisting Dr Scanlan in preparing a draft curriculum.

They toured the new pediatric oncology ward at Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences (MUHAS) that is being run by Dr Scanlan. And, they toured the new facilities for adult oncology patients at ORCI that will be ready to house the patients in March 2012.


They also met with representatives of other governmental and non-governmental organizations, including the Department for International Development (DFID) in Tanzania, the Ministry of Health, the WHO Country Office in Tanzania, PEPFAR, IMA World Health Organization and Children in Crossfire.

  • Picture left top: The new hospital for ORCI due to open in March 2012
  • Picture right: Melissa Adde, Director of INCTR Clinical Trials Office toured ORCI new building with Professor Twalib Ngoma, Executive Director.
  • Picture left bottom: Dr Trish Scanlan, INCTR’s Program Coordinator in East Africa is her pediatric oncology ward at Muhimbili National Hospital
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