INCTR's International Meeting Brazil

INCTR holds meetings every 2 years to report on the activities of its branches, programs and members and new proposals considered. The next meeting will take place between May 8th to 10th at the Bluetree Hotel in Sao Paolo, Brazil. It's host will be the President of INCTR Brasil, Sidnei Epelman. Cancer control issues in Brazil and Latin America in general will also receive special emphasis and there will be sessions on electronic communication and education which is an area that INCTR will be increasingly involved in in the future. The new Chairman of INCTR USA, Mr Raj Shah will coordinate this. The meeting is in the early planning phases but will include award ceremonies, focus on cancer control in Latin America as well as a session on communications and technologies relevant to education and training. The INCTR USA branch will be particularly involved in this. The draft program published in INCTR's meetings and events wiki will be updated and made available to all.

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