Indian Branch Off To A Rapid Start

Dr. Shivraj Singh, President, INCTR India was invited by CECOEDECON, on its foundation day on 9th June, 2014, along with Dr. Anjum Khan, Palliative care specialist, BM Cancer Hospital and Research Center to talk about INCTR,


India. CECOEDECON is a coalition of NGOs established in 1982 in Rajasthan, which has worked closely to improve the lives of the rural communities and to empower them to take more control of their own lives. It has a strong base in 500 villages, with 4000 Self Help Groups (SHGs) and 40,000 SHG members.

Dr. Singh in his talk mentioned that INCTR India’s main focus is in the rural regions of Rajasthan with the goal of reducing the burden of cancer and teaching about risk factors and the signs of cancer. He mentioned that in collaboration with CECOEDECON and the support of the SHGs, Palliative Care Centers and Cancer Prevention Centers will be established. He also mentioned that members of SHGs will be trained on techniques of early cancer detection, including cervical cancer, cancers caused by the use of tobacco etc. In line with the "self-help" philosophy, he said that the model would be “training of trainers” - i.e., trained SHG workers will go back to their villages and train additional groups of people with respect to living healthier lives and reducing the likelihood of developing cancer.

Dr. Anjum Khan (see picture) informed the people about the value of palliative care for improving the lives of the very ill. The participants comprising CECOEDECON’s staff and members of its institutions from six districts welcomed the program and were enthusiastic about supporting similar programs in other regions of Rajisthan.

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