Just Published - Cancer Control 2014

The second edition of our annual publication, Cancer Control, has just been published by health care publisher, Global Health Dynamics, and covers a wide range of issues and reports on cancer care in less-resourced countries. Copies will be sent free to INCTR members and will be delivered by post over the next few weeks. A free online edition is also available at [cancercontrol.info] or via the INCTR website. Topics covered include:

An assessment of current initiatives in cancer control planning including cancer care beyond the Millennium Development Goals
The increasing challenges of tobacco control
The case for continued investment in cervical and breast cancer in low- and middle-income countries
Building capacity and infrastructure, such as radiotherapy resources, in under-resourced health systems
Treating children and adolescents suffering with retinoblastoma in Africa, integrating palliative care into a children’s health service in India and establishing a meaningful twinning programme between children’s hospitals
From a regional perspective we look at cancer priorities in Zimbabwe, screening programmes in China, the use of cancer registries in Bulgaria and a multisectoral approach by the Ministry of Transport in India to improve access to care for cancer patients and
Accessing the value of international cancer control congresses

Our contributors include: Cary Adams, Union for International Cancer Control; Professor Pierre Bey, AMCC; Dr Mary Borok, University of Zimbabwe; Dr Freddie Bray, IARC; Professor Robert Burton, Monash University; Professor Vivien Davis Tsu, PATH; Dr Nadya Dimitrova, National Cancer Registry, Bulgaria; Dr Michael P Eriksen, The Tobacco Atlas; Felicia Knaul, Harvard Medical School and Professor Mary Gospodarowicz, Union for International Cancer Control.

The website [cancer control.info] contains details of how to register for a free printed copy of the 2015 edition if you are not an INCTR member, as well as how to buy copies of the 2013 and 2014 editions.

You are encouraged to put a link to Cancer Control on your website or to forward the URL to colleagues who might be interested. Our objective is to share knowledge and experiences as widely as possible.

Cancer Control 2014 is supported by a small number of sponsors, which feature in the book and on the web. If you are interested in helping us and would like to become a sponsor please contact Jonathan regan at Global health Dynamics via ku.oc.scimanydhtlaehlabolg|nagerj#ku.oc.scimanydhtlaehlabolg|nagerj or call on +44 (0) 7788 412 518. The Editor-in-Chief of Cancer Control 2013 is Dr Ian Magrath, INCTR President, and the Commissioning Editor, Mark Lodge, Director of the UK INCTR.

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