Major Events that Occurred in 2010
  • January 2010

The year began with a visit of the pathology team to Nigeria and Cameroon to assess the quality of pathology in these countries, particularly with respect to INCTR's on-going study on HIVrelated B cell lymphomas. Two additional centers, one in Senegal and one in Tanzania, have agreed to participate. In addition to the assessment visit, a one day workshop coordinated by Dr Nina Hurwitz was held at Obafemi Owolowo University Teaching Hospitals Complex in IleIfe on 26th January.

  • March 2010

INCTR's special 10th Anniversary Meeting was held from 26th to 28th March. This took place in Latour de Freins, a rather beautiful convalescent hospital opposite INCTR's Brussels Office that boasts attractive meeting rooms. The meeting was attended by some 80 people, and provided an opportunity for INCTR to ensure that its staff and members were updated with respect to its ongoing projects and then overall achievement of its mission to build capacity for cancer treatment and research in developing countries.

  • May2010

An important workshop was held in Siena, Italy on May 7_8th. This workshop was organized by Lorenzo Leoncini with the help of the several members of the pathology team. This meeting, called, "What can we learn from Africa" was specifically designed to update African pathologists - particularly those whose laboratories had participated in the review process that took place in East Africa in 2009 and Nigeria and Cameroon in 2010.

  • June 2010

On 11th June, Dr Magrath gave a special lecture on Hematology in Developing countries for the European Hematology Association-American Society of Hematology joint symposium. This was attended by some 9000 people.
For in excess of a year, INCTR has been supporting two cancer registries in Africa (Kampala, Uganda and Nairobi, Kenya). On June 19-23rd Dr Max Parkin undertook a site visit of these two centers to assess quality and to document progress made in the past year.

  • July2010

On July 9th, Dr Magrath and Dr July Torode of UICC visited the University of Ghent whose pediatric department, along with a local foundation for children with cancer had expressed a strong interest in developing a partnership with the INCTR pediatric oncology program in Tanzania, and developing a twinning program relating to pediatric oncology. Discussions were positive and it was decided to arrange a meeting for selected members of the group in Ghent to visit the program in Tanzania.

  • August 2010

On August 25th a live demonstration of iPath was conducted by Nina Hurwitz for the benefit of the branches and offices. This included voice (using SKYPE) and image transmission that are regularly used for teaching purposes.

  • September 2010

On Sept 10th, Dr Magrath visited the Cancer Institute (W.I.A) in Chennai, India to give a special lecture in honor of Dr Krishnamurthi's birthday. Dr Krishnamurthi, who along with Dr Shanta had founded the Cancer Institute, had died a few months before. Because of Dr Krishnamurthi's interest in this area, the lecture focused on ethical and philosophical issues, particularly in the context of Eastern religions. It was entitled Science, Religion and Humanity.

  • October 2010

On October 5th, Dr Trish Scanlan spoke about the INCTR program for pediatric oncology in Tanzania at a special meeting held at the Crumlin Hospital, Dublin, which has been assisting with the project in Tanzania. This also provided an opportunity to meet Richard Moore, founder of Children in Crossfire (CiC), an organization that has been working closely with Dr Scanlan in Dares-Salaam. It was clear that Dr Scanlan's work in Tanzania was highly thought of by her former colleagues at Crumlin Hospital. Discussions took place about forming a more formal relationship with CiC and continuing to work more closely in Tanzania, for example, with respect to the construction of a hostel for families whose children do not need to be admitted overnight that would be located not too far away from the children's ward. Abbott had pledged funding for renovation of this property and also the new Children's Pediatric Cancer ward at Muhimbili National Hospital, where the ORCI children will be moved in 2011.

On 12th October, a meeting was held with Dr Yves Debaille, a surgeon who has spent many years in the Democratic Republic of Congo and has assembled a group of experts from Belgium to design and develop a cancer center in Kinshasa.

  • November 2010

Members of the newly formed Oncology Nursing Program - Julia Challinor, Linda Krebs, Ann Syme, and Savitri Singh-Carlson - met on November 4th through the 6th in Denver, Colorado to discuss the scope and activities of the new program. It had been agreed in advance that the first task would be the development of an oncology nursing curriculum suitable for developing countries and during the meeting, the modules prepared independently by the group members were discussed. The curriculum is likely to be field-tested in Ethiopia.

On November 6th, INCTR's upgraded and modernized web site went live.
Mark Lodge, Director of INCTR's UK office attended a meeting on NCDs in the Commonwealth of Nations on November 9th.

A palliative care workshop was held in Rio de Janeiro on November 11th, which included INCTR's Brazilian Branch, the PAX Program, INCTR Canada and the National Cancer Institute, Brazil. This was followed on November 16-17th by a Colloquium entitled "Expanding Palliative Care in Brazil".
A meeting on palliative care was held in Pakistan on November 26th and was attended by the head of INCTR's Palliative Access (PAX) Program, Dr Stuart Brown, and the President of INCTR USA and Director of the Pediatric Oncology Program, Dr Aziza Shad.

On November 30th, a meeting was held in Ramallah, Palestine, with Dr Moghli, Palestinian Health Minister, Dr Sidnei Epelman, President of INCTR Brazil, Dr Michael Silberman, Director of MECC, Dr Michael Weintraub, Director, Pediatric Oncology at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem and Tony Lawrence, Head, WHO country office. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss a project designed to improve access to care and quality of care for Arab children in Palestine and Israel. There was considerable agreement regarding the way forward, but it was recognized that many political and other obstacles need to be overcome in order to make this program a reality.

  • December 2010

On December l-Znd Dr Pierre Bey visited Mali to discuss the establishment of an early detection and treatment program for retinoblastoma. The Institut Curie, where Dr Bey was the Medical Director for some years is the major reference center in France for retinoblastoma and will participate in the program in Mali.

For some time, oncologists from Lund University have been interested in working more closely with INCTR and perhaps establishing a branch in Sweden. On 2nd December, Dr Magrath attended the annual meeting of the Swedish Oncology Society at the invitation of Dr Eva Brun to introduce INCTR to interested parties there. Further discussions on this topic will take place in 2011, but in the meantime, Dr Brun, who spent 3 months at the Cancer Institute (WIA), Chennai, in 2009, has been running a course for 11 radiotherapists in Chennai using a part online, part face-to-face meetings. To date, this appears to be proceeding very well.

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