Massoud Samiei retires from IAEA-PACT

It is with mixed feelings that INCTR reports the retirement of Massoud Samiei from the PACT program of IAEA. PACT was established in 2005, and Massoud has been its main driving force ever since. INCTR has been a partner of PACT since its early days, and has participated in a number of impact missions with a special focus on palliative care. Although we shall miss working with Massoud and benefitting from his sage advice as well as his dedication and energy, his efforts and ideas will have a lasting impact on global cancer control. IAEA Director General Amano has emphasized his continued support of PACT, and stated that cancer control will remain an important programmatic priority. PACT will be ably led by its new acting head, Rolando Comacho, who has been with PACT for 3 years, and INCTR looks forward to a continuing close relationship with PACT and its leadership.

Picture Left: (from left lo right) Mostafa Nokta (NCI), Ian Magrath (INCTR) and Massoud Samiei (IAEA) at the INCTR 10th anniversary on March 2010.
Picture Right: Dr Samiei and Dr Camacho during the last IAEA General Conference.

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