Matthew Blagg’s 900 Mile Cycling Challenge

On June 19th, 2011, Matthew Blagg completed a 9 day, 900 mile cycling challenge in memory of Christopher Niblett, his former school friend who died from Burkitt lymphoma (BL) in 2006. Matthew raised over £10,000 through his ride – sufficient money to pay for the treatment of more than 60 children in Africa with this common cancer.

Matthew in blue (on the left) and his companions

Before Chris died, he had learned of INCTR’s work to improve the treatment of young people with BL in sub-Saharan Africa and to provide the medications necessary to treat this curable cancer. Chris was keen to raise money to support INCTR in its mission in Africa and Matthew has continued his friend’s efforts.

After the race, Matthew said, “I am both pleased and relieved to say I completed the ride from John O'Groats to Lands End. My knees are rather sore but otherwise no major problems or incidents to report. There was some great scenery at times, although often the best vistas were hidden by rain and mist”.

Matthew Gives Us a Short Summary of His Ride
Miles covered: 975 (included one very long diversion and one missed turn)
Days it rained: 8 out 9!
Punctures: Just 2
Daily calorie intake: Probably somewhere around 10,000 calories and more than necessary… but I was hungry
Worst moment: Preston to Wigan - the rain was so heavy that the streets were 4 inches deep in water and the drains were overflowing… and then a large lorry passed us at speed
Best moment: Finishing

The work that INCTR is undertaking to build capacity and to improve the outcome of children in Africa suffering from BL is supported by the INCTR Challenge Fund, a UK-based charity. If you would like to donate to help in this effort, please visit the charity’s website at

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