Meetings Held in 2010

(Not all meeting in which INCTR members participated are included; non-INCTR meetings are included when INCTR played a significant role in the meeting organization or presented information or data relevant to its own programs and projects)

January 12-14 INCTR USA - Site visit to Black Lion Hospital, Ethiopia
January 19-23 Pathology visit in Cameroon
January 24-30 Pathology visit in Nigeria, including a workshop on telepathology
March 26-27 INCTR's io" Anniversary Meeting, Brussels, Belgium
March 29-30 Forum International"Tabac et Sante", Setif, Algerie.
March 30 - April12 PAX visit to India and Nepal
AprilS-9 Journees Francophones de Cancerologle, Pathology meeting in Siena, Italy - « What can we learn from Africa?
May 6-9 New insights into lymphoma classification, heterogeneity, molecular epidemiology & biology»
May 14-15 Mission in Dakar, Senegal - Lymphoma working group - Martine Raphael
May16 Mark Lodge - Meeting with the leadership of the NCD Alliance in Geneva
May 17-19 Mark Lodge - 63'd World Health Assembly in Geneva Participation of Pierre Bey and Sabine Perrier-Bonnet in the forum
June 18-19 "NGOs and cancer: challenges and opportunities" organized by the Eastern Regional Alliance of NGOs, Marrakech, Morocco
June 19-23 Max Parkin - Cancer registries in Kampala and Nairobi
July 11-17 Sabine Perrier-Bonnet's participation in the imPact mission in Mauritania and Niger.
August 1-31 One Month Certificate Course in Pain and Palliative Care, Hyderabad, India
August INCTR PAX visit to India - Stuart Brown
August 1-6 INCTR USA - Site visit to Ethiopia
August 18 Mark Lodge - UICC meeting, Shenzhen, China
September 20 Update of "Comprehensive Cervical Cancer Control: A Guide to Essential Practice.?
September 27 - October 1 Aziza Shad and Sidnei Epelman - SOBOPE meeting in Brasil & launch of the Portuguese version of the INCTR Palliative Care Handbook
October 5 Seminar on Pediatric Oncology in Tanzania, Dublin, Ireland
October 20 A Prioritized Research Agenda for Prevention and Control of Non- Communicable Diseases, Geneva, WHO
October 19- November 11 Nanaimo Bhaktapur Hospice Palliative Care Twinning Project - Site Visit in Nepal.
October 26-29 Dr Gayatri Palat's participation in an imPact mission in Indonesia
October 26-30 Sabine Perrier-Bonnet - Mission in Kampala, Uganda - Hospice Africa Uganda
November 1 Dr Magrath's attendance of the WHO meeting "Informal dialogue with non-governmental organizations in preparation of the UN High- Level meeting of the general assembly on non communicable diseases"
November 6-7 Oncology nursing meeting in Denver
November9 Mark Lodge -Inaugural meeting of the UK NCD Task Force, London
November 16-17 Expansion of Palliative Care in Brazil - Colloquium, Rio de Janeiro
November 26-28 Participation of Dr Stuart Brown and Dr Aziza Shad in the 9th Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital Cancer Symposium, Lahore, Pakistan
November 29-30 Participation of Pierre Bey and Sabine Perrier-Bonnet in the AORTIC
November 30 Sidnei Epelman - Meeting in Ramallah, Palestine, with the Palestinian Health Minister
December 1 Pediatric Oncology meeting in Jerusalem
December 10 Oncology nursing meeting in Brussels
December 1S-20 Aziza Shad - Palliative care meeting in Turkey
December 6 - January One Month Certificate Course in Pain and Palliative Care, Hyderabad, 1,2011 India
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