NETWORK - INCTR’s Magazine

INCTR proudly announces that NETWORK has now become a magazine. NETWORK provides readers with reports about INCTR activities, workshops, events and programs. NETWORK will continue to have regular features including the President’s Message, Partner Profiles, Profiles in Cancer Medicine, Forums, Case Reports and specially commissioned articles.

INCTR members who wish to receive the publication by mail will continue to do so. Current and past editions of NETWORK are available to the public via the main INCTR web site, (presently located by selecting “Newsletter” from the main menu on the home page).

Readers may contact Bénédicte Chaidron (eb.rtcni|eneb#eb.rtcni|eneb), NETWORK’s Assistant Editor, with any comments or questions regarding this publication.


Link: current edition of NETWORK

Note: INCTR’s web site will be redesigned in early 2010. Information about navigation to NETWORK and changes or additions made to the web site will be announced when the site has been updated.

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