Despite cancer being recognised by the United Nations as one of the four major non-communicable diseases that are threatening the economic and social development of 85% of the world’s population, there is no single annual title or reference compendium that provides a comprehensive overview of cancer control approaches ranging from public education and legislation required to educate the general public in the avoidance of an unhealthy lifestyle (in this context, one which increases the risk of cancer) and the needs - and indeed, the role - of health care professionals ranging from primary to tertiary levels in dealing with cancer in developing countries.

INCTR and Global Health Dynamics are collaborating on a new annual review publication entitled “Controlling Cancer in Less Developed Economies”. The purpose of the publication will be provide cancer hospitals and research institutions in poorer resourced settings with up to date information on innovation in educational methods, prevention, treatment, organisation of cancer care services (including health system structure and policy), and news of progress in the epidemiology of cancer and approaches to the avoidance of risk factors in order to prevent cancer. The publication will also attempt to identify emerging needs and challenges, such that planned current actions, based on existing relevant evidence, and research projects are directed towards the reduction in cancer incidence and mortality, i.e., helping to avoid the catastrophic increase in the cancer burden that is predicted to occur in the absence of major interventions. Its overall message will be that doing nothing is not an option, since this will result in major economic loss, but that prevention and treatment programs need to be evidence-based and cost effective.

The Annual will be funded by Global health Dynamics through advertising and sponsorship (i.e. at no cost to INCTR) and will be disseminated to policy makers, NGOs and funders involved with international development or global health, as well to cancer hospitals, research institutions, leading clinicians and other health care professionals working in the field – and of course, to INCTR members.

This annual review will provide a very useful medium to ensure that the challenges and opportunities for improvement that exist with respect to the prevention and management of cancer, as well as necessary national cancer research in poorer resourced settings, are brought to the attention of national and international decision-makers and funders as well as acting as a display case for INCTR’s projects. It is intended that the first edition – dated 2013 – will be launched at the beginning of November (2012).

If you, or any one you know, is interested in advertising in the new publication please contact Tim Probart on 00 44 1394 446005 or email him on ku.oc.scimanydhtlaehlabolg|traborpt#ku.oc.scimanydhtlaehlabolg|traborpt.

Anyone wishing to contribute articles should contact Mark Lodge gro.tenac|egdolm#gro.tenac|egdolm who will put suggestions forward to the Editorial Board.

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