New INCTR Branch (India)

A new INCTR Branch has been established in Jaipur, Rajasthan in the northern part of India. The fledgling branch is directed by a board of Trustees: Dr Shivraj Singh (Chairman), Mr Raj Shah, Mr Apurv Kumar, Mr Rajiv Sahai and Dr Ian Magrath which will be expanded in the coming months.. The branch is presently in the process of establishing an advisory board and developing a strategic plan. It is probable that a major focus of the branch will be the prevention of cancer and early diagnosis, but palliative care will also be included. As time goes by, and depending upon the Branches success in fund-raising, the slate of activities will be broader. The branch will have a policy of working closely with other Indian Institutions and organizations and will complement the increasing number of resources for cancer control in India. The Cancer Grid, for example, established by the Tata Hospital, will link all cancer centers in India and attempt to ensure a uniform standard of treatment across the country.

The Branch will initially focus on cancer prevention - when is there a better time to prevent something happening than before it happens|

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