New Items in the OERC Collection - April 2010

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Introduction to Cancer Biology, M. V. Hejmadi, (open textbook)
This open textbook provides a basic introduction to the molecular, cellular and pathophysiologic aspects of carcinogenesis, tumor growth, development, and metastasis. Concepts such as apoptosis and angiogenesis are addressed in easily understandable language. The text is well written and quite effectively illustrated with simple figures that would make excellent teaching slides for audiences at all levels, from undergraduates to professionals. This text could serve as the basis for a course on cancer biology or series of lectures on the topic.


The Breast Health Global Initiative: a catalyst for cancer control in limited resource countries, Benjamin O. Anderson M.D (slide presentation)
This in depth consideration of breast cancer control in underdeveloped nations provides reference to guidelines developed by the BHGI Global Alliance, for those interested in initiating a breast cancer control program in a low resource setting. The presentation also describes international networks and partnerships to serve as resources and discusses methods of implementation. This is an excellent starting point for a breast cancer control initiative, reflecting several years of successful experience.

Lawrence S. Lessin

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