New Items in the OERC Collection February 2010

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This educational resource has been developed for students and lay audiences to provide a perspective of cancer epidemiology, molecular biology, social impact, and the directions of new diagnostic and treatment advances.
In simplistic terms, the "open book" deals with basic principles of cancer molecular biology and genetics, as well as epidemilogy. It is well ilustrated with appropriate graphics. Examples of new treatments based on advances in molecular genetic are provided. A section on the impact of cancer on individuals, families and society gives a clear historical view. This module is recommended for faculy developing a curriculum for high school and college students, lay audiences, while providing a thought-provoking review for more sophisticated oncologists.

A detailed description at the college and medical student level of the role of immunity as an important defense against the cancer development and progression via immunosurveillance and cytotoxicity. The basic principles and mechanisms of humoral and cellular immunity are well described and illustrated. Advances in tumor immunology and the harnessing of the immune system for the immunotherapy of cancer are presented in some detail with an historical perspective, a review of current applications and a view to the future. Discussion of treatment applications includes adoptive transfer, monoclonal antibodies, cellular therapy and tumor vaccines. This could serve prospective faculty well as a basis for preparation of a curriculum on cancer immunology.

Lawrence S. Lessin, MD, MACP

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