Weekly Meetings with Pediatric Staff of Lacor Hospital

INCTR is planning to develop a continuing education program with Lacor Hospital via weekly on-line meetings. This is particularly urgent since the Head of the Department will be absent for personal leave for three months. In addition to these meetings, which will discuss management issues concerning all pediatric in-patients, INCTR Brazil's leadership (Dr. Sidnei Epelman) will explore the possibility of sending trained pediatric oncologists to Lacor so that they are fully aware of the resource level at Lacor - particularly medical and ancillary staff - for longer periods (the duration of the visits has yet to be determined) to provide on-site training in pediatric cancer care and to upgrade the facilities for this purpose to the extent possible. Of particular importance will be the reinstatement of detailed data collection. It will be necessary to educate the Lacor staff as to the importance of high quality data to assess the efficacy of the present treatment protocol and the the numbers of patients being cared for at Lacor. Although INCTR has held similar programs in the past, the shortage of well trained pediatric oncologists (there are presently none) means that the quality of care can be improved. At present it is known that many patients do not reach Lahor because of the long distance that most patients must travel from their villages to St Mary's hospital. Most cannot afford the cost, or attempt the journey only after the disease has become extensive, when treatment response is likely to be poor,

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