NNCTR/INCTR Nepal New Office

At the beginning of March 2010, NNCTR/INCTR Nepal moved its offices to a newly constructed building. The address is: Ghokechaur Banepa 1. NEPAL (Phone/Fax: 977-11-664524). This new building will serve as a centre where cervical cancer screening and referrals for the necessary follow up tests and treatment for detected non-malignant abnormalities will be provided. The centre will have a clinic for the administration of the HPV vaccine. Clinical breast cancer screening will also be offered. General information about cancer will be available to the public. In addition, the centre will offer training of personnel for the organization of cervical and breast cancer screening programs. It is hoped that a community-based palliative care program will be established in the near future.

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NNCTR works in partnership with various external organizations including WHO/IARC, Axios Healthcare Development, and Phase. The NNCTR team, which currently includes 4 full time staff members, occupies 233.50 sqm of space within the building. Additional office space is rented to local shopkeepers in order to collect funds to support the costs of the expansion of the building as well as the maintenance costs.

Surendra B.Bade Shrestha

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