October 2013

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July 2013

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AFCRN MODEL REGISTRY REPORT is available for download here.

April 2013

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Kenyan Network for Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

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TThe core group of the Kenyan Network for Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, which is part of INCTR’s “iPath” program, met in the beginning of February at the Department of Human Pathology, University of Nairobi to discuss progress and future plans. At present, online dialogue, consultation and mutual support for the national group is being provided by an international group of experts consisting of members of the INCTR Faculty. The Kenyan network will initially include the Departments of Pathology at the University of Nairobi and the Departments of Pathology and Haematology of Moi University. Other Kenyan institutions are expected to join at a later date . Three pathologists , Drs Walong, Barosa and Ndiangui have been appointed as coordinators for the Network. They will visit each institution that applies to join the network in order to assess the facilities available at present, and what would be required in addition to effectively contribute to and benefit from the network. An form has been designed to allow uniform assessment of all participating institutions. Since Kenya has a number of well trained pathologists and hematologists as well as some advanced laboratories, local experts can be recruited to act as consultants. Kenyan pathologists working in various pathology fields have already agreed to participate and plans are underway to establish chemical pathology networks in the near future.

Dr Ian Magrath receives the SANAD Pioneer in Childhood Cancer Award

by EdupontEdupont 11 Mar 2013 10:17

Dr Ian Magrath, INCTR’s President, was the recipient of the SANAD Pioneer in Childhood Cancer Award which he received at a ceremony in Riyadh on Feb 16th 2013. SANAD is a charitable Association whose Board of Directors is chaired by Princess Adela Bint Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, who also founded the association. Its objective is to encourage scientific research in children’s cancers and to ensure that all children with cancer have access to both good therapy as well as psychosocial and humanitarian support. The awards are designed both to recognize the contributions of the recipients as well as inspire young health professionals in the field to greater efforts in their endeavors to overcome childhood cancer.

December 2012

by EdupontEdupont 10 Mar 2013 11:03

In the last Newsflash, we reported that there were severe shortages of chemotherapy drugs for the treatment of Burkitt lymphoma at St Mary’s Hospital Lacor in northern Uganda. Since our last report, we have been informed that the situation has started to improve: drugs are beginning to arrive in Lacor and children are again receiving therapy. This is thanks to the extraordinary dedication and tireless efforts of the staff at St Mary’s towards obtaining drug supplies. A more permanent solution for drug purchasing and delivery is being sought for non-governmental hospitals such as St Mary’s, but this will doubtless entail increased expenditure. Please consider making as big a donation as possible in this holiday season so that children in Uganda with this disease can receive the treatment they need and parents are spared the pain and devastation of losing a beloved child. To donate, click here.

INCTR Contributes to a Major Series of Articles on Pediatric Cancer

by EdupontEdupont 08 Mar 2013 17:49

INCTR participated in writing a series of articles on pediatric cancer entitled “Children with cancer: driving the global agenda) that have just been published (March) in The Lancet Oncology (Volume 14, Issue 3, Pages 189 - 191, March 2013). INCTR took the lead in an article on “Pediatric Cancer in low- income and middle-income countries and also contributed to the final article: “New policies to address the global burden of cancer.” These articles are available through the Lancet website.

A visit to India

by EdupontEdupont 08 Mar 2013 17:13


I traveled to Hyderabad in February of this year to work, once again, with Dr Gayatri Palat, INCTR’s coordinator of palliative care activities in India, and her Palliative Care Team at the MNJ Institute of Oncology and Regional Cancer Centre. As has happened each year over the last 5 years that I have been returning to Hyderabad, I was again struck by the significant strides Dr Palat and her Team have made in the care for both cancer and non-cancer patients. In addition to providing direct clinical care and support, the Team is developing local partnerships, engaging governments, developing self sufficiency and building capacity. The Life at Your Doorstep Home Care Team has expanded and is available to all patients with palliative needs within the Hyderabad/Secunderabad catchment area and Dr J Reddy, the first pediatric palliative care fellow trained in India, is now working as the Pediatric Palliative Care Specialist at MNJ. Extensive training continues to occur through the one month Intensive Certificate Program at MNJ and international faculty continue to provide assistance with the teaching of this course. Dr Palat and her Team are an inspiration and a model nationally and internationally and for me, as a member of the Two Worlds Cancer Collaboration Foundation (INCTR-Canada), it is a privilege to work with this group of professionals.


Annual review meeting of the African Cancer Registry Network in Kenya

by EdupontEdupont 08 Mar 2013 16:47


The annual review meeting of AFCRN, an organization supported by INCTR’s Cancer Registration Programme, was held in Mombasa, Kenya, on January 29-30th, 2013. Supported by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, GlaxoSmithKline Oncology division and UICC, the meeting was attended by the directors and representatives of the 21 cancer registry members, AFCRN consultants and other key partners. Sixteen sub-Saharan countries (French and English speaking) were represented. The purpose of the meeting was to present a report on the network’s achievements in 2012 (link to the report), to provide an update on the ongoing work in member registries (to see the program, click here), to discuss the expansion of the network, to review ongoing research projects and to plan future joint activities in training, advocacy and research in Africa in 2013. The meeting format allowed for discussions and constant interaction between members and participants.
To read the full report, click here.

International Retinoblastoma Early Diagnosis Campaign into Amharic (the Official Language of Ethiopia)

by EdupontEdupont 08 Mar 2013 15:45

The National Campaign for Early Diagnosis of Retinoblastoma in Brazil was initiated in September 2002 with the support of TUCCA and INCTR.
An important component of the campaign is a short film showing one of the most common signs of retinoblastoma. This film has already been translated into several languages, including Portuguese, English, French, Arabian, Italian, Spanish, Hindi, Swahili, Tagalog, Hebrew and more recently into Amharic , the official language of Ethiopia.

Opening of the TUCCA Hospice “Francesco Leonardo Beira”

by EdupontEdupont 08 Mar 2013 15:28

As a result of research and treatment innovations led by TUCCA, Santa Marcelina Hospital and INCTR Brazil, more than 80 percent of children and adolescents with cancer seen at Santa Marcelina can now be cured. But while these results are similar to those obtained in North America and Europe, there remain some patients whose tumors are resistant to treatment. Care, however, is never witheld from children even when cure is not possible, and the very existence of a hospice reminds us that each of us has the right to die without physical pain and with dignity. Thus, the opening of the first Pediatric Hospice in Brazil will complement our activities by providing a unique state-of-the-art palliative care center. The Francesco Leonardo Beira center will provide symptom control and supportive services to poor children and adolescents with terminal cancer as well as to their family members and significant others 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Physical, social and emotional care will be provided by a clinically-directed interdisciplinary team consisting of patients and their families, professionals and volunteers. This initiative will also include research on clinical practice relevant to end-of-life care.

The Gregory T O’Conor Award for Outstanding Contributions to Haematopathology

by EdupontEdupont 08 Mar 2013 15:15

Dr Gregory O’Conor, a well known American Pathologist died in Natick, MA, on August 22nd at the age of 88. Dr O’Conor was well known for his recognition that the “Sarcoma involving the Jaws in Africa Children,” described in 1958 by Denis Burkitt, was in fact a lymphoma. Subsequently, Dr O’Conor had an extensive career in International Research, serving as the Associate Director of the Office of International Affairs for many years, and spending time at the International Association for Research in Cancer. Even after his retirement, he would frequently visit the NCI and consult on ongoing projects in the Lymphoma Biology Section of the Pediatric Branch as well as the Section of Hematopathology in the Laboratory of Pathology. The award was established, with the permission of Dr O’Conor’s family to honor Dr O’Conor for his pioneering work in hematopathology and to inspire young pathologists by the example he set.


In Memoriam

by EdupontEdupont 08 Mar 2013 15:08

Mr Seif Mkamba, who served as a data manager for the Ocean Road Cancer Institute, Tanzania for the INCTR multi-institutional study, “The Treatment and Characterization of Burkitt lymphoma in Africa”, died tragically in a traffic accident in early December of 2012. He will be very much missed by all who knew him through the study as well as through his work at ORCI. He leaves behind his wife and three children.

Defining the Risk of non-AIDS Defining Cancer in HIV+/AIDS Populations in Africa: a Preliminary Step Towards National Planning:

by EdupontEdupont 08 Mar 2013 14:41


In 2009, more Africans with HIV infection than ever before received anti-retroviral therapy (ART) (37%, or approximately 4 million people in 2009; 80% receiving it for at least 4 years). This has increased the size of the HIV infected population in Africa and also resulted in many more HIV-infected people reaching the age of 40 years. This is not all good news. In the USA, for example, an increasing burden of HIV-related non-AIDS defining (N-ADC) cancers, such as anal cancer, lung cancer, Hodgkin lymphoma and squamous carcinoma of the conjunctiva has been observed in patients on ART. At present, there is essentially no published information from Africa on this topic, and consequently, INCTR, in discussion with Dr Ullrich from WHO Headquarters and Dr Jean-Marie Dangou, of the WHO African Regional Office, felt that a consultation should be planned to discuss what, if anything, should be done at this time. The consultation was held on February 2nd, 2013, immediately after INCTR’s meetings on Cancer Registries and Pathology, and including experts who had attended both these meetings.

Expansion of AMCC’s retinoblastoma program to the Democratic Republic of Congo

by EdupontEdupont 08 Mar 2013 13:13

From December 3rd through the 6th, 2012, Professor Pierre Bey, Medical Director of the Alliance Mondiale Contre le Cancer (INCTR French Branch) and two colleagues from France involved in the care of children with retinoblastoma visited Lubumbashi in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The purpose of their visit was to launch the retinoblastoma program for the early diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of children with this cancer.

The Third International Meeting on What Can We Learn From Africa?

by EdupontEdupont 08 Mar 2013 12:01


The third INCTR workshop on hematopathology in Africa was held from January 31st through February 2nd. It was the first to be held in Africa and took place at the Conference Center at the Serena House Hotel in Mombasa, Kenya. The purpose of the workshop was to improve the knowledge and skills of African hematopathologists and clinicians with regard to the diagnosis and treatment of hematological malignancies.

5th International Cancer Control Congress

by EdupontEdupont 08 Mar 2013 08:47

The 5th International Cancer Control Congress will take place in Lima , Peru from November 3-6, 2013. ICCC's are integrally engaged in the development and implementation of population -based cancer and NCD control plans. Session topics range from "social determinants of health and primary prevention" , through "early detection , treatment and palliative care ", to "knowledge exchange and transfer ( evidence to policy and practice)". Through plenary presentations , panels and interactive workshops, participants from regional and global countries engage in sharing experiences , learning, collaborating and developing relationships towards ongoing development and implementation of cancer and NCD control plans.

Jan/Feb 2013

by EdupontEdupont 08 Mar 2013 08:29

MNJ Institute of Oncology’s International Fellowship in Pediatric Palliative Medicine

by EdupontEdupont 26 Nov 2012 13:12

The MNJ Institute of Oncology in Hyderabad, India is now accepting applications for fellowships in Pediatric Palliative Medicine. This course, the first of its kind in India, started in December, 2011. The goal of the fellowship program is to increase the number of physicians trained in pediatric palliative medicine. Applicants must have a medical degree with post graduate qualifications in pediatrics and must apply by December 15th, 2012. For more information email, moc.liamg|evitaillap.jnm#moc.liamg|evitaillap.jnm or click here for more detailed information about the program.

WHO’s Consultation on Women’s Cancer Across the Life-Course

by EdupontEdupont 26 Nov 2012 13:03

INCTR participated in the recent WHO consultation, “Women’s Cancer Across the Life-Course”, that was held on October 29th at WHO headquarters in Geneva. Because it is projected that the ratio between maternal mortality and breast and cervical cancer mortality will be one to one by 2025, WHO is commencing a program of work to respond to women’s health needs beyond reproductive health issues, and more specifically to strengthen its approach to women’s cancers across the life-span. The purpose of this consultative meeting with partners of WHO was to define priority actions for WHO in the next two years with respect to women’s cancers, particularly focusing on breast cancer. Another aim of the meeting was to define the most appropriate role for WHO and partner organizations, as well as joint work, and the most effective division of work with the organization.

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