OERC Contributes to First Indian Cancer Congress

Open Educational Resources for Cancer is a program of INCTR conducted jointly with MERLOT (Multimedia Educational Online Resource for Learning and On-line Teaching). For some time, members of the Executive Committee, chaired by Dr Larry Lessin, have been discussing the development of educational materials of particular interest to Indian cancer professionals with senior members of the Indian cancer community. In particular, a number of discussions have taken place between Dr Madhavan Pillai and Dr Paul Sebastian, Director of Regional Cancer Center, Kerala. The occasion of the First Indian Cancer Congress on 21st to 24th November in New Delhi, which more than 3300 people are expected to attend, appeared to be an excellent opportunity for additional members of the OERC Executive Committee to make presentations at the meeting and to provide the participants with information on how to access the on-line resources for cancer available via OERC. Gerry Hanley of MERLOT has created a special portal for the Indian Community - http://oercindia.merlot.org - the OERC Teaching Commons and it is anticipated that a considerable amount of information on cancer in India will be made available in the coming months. Members of OERC will also take the opportunity to meet with senior members of the Indian Cancer Community and have been invited to visit the the Presidents’ Mansion (Rastrapathi Bhavan) on Nov 24. India’s government owned national TV (DD) and All India Radio have also requested interviews with the OERC team while at ICC.

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